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The Top Ten Things We Will Never Hear on The X-Files

By MrsSpookyy (

Disclaimer: No infringement intended, They X-files and all XF Characters belong to God, uh, I mean Chris Carter, and 1013 Productions. This is just a little something I couldn=92t resist doing. If you like it, let me know, if you want to beg me never to write another list, feel free to say so =)

PS. If for some odd reason, someone wants to archive this anywhere, go ahead, but PLEASE keep it all intact, and let me know =) Thanks!

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10. Mulder: Oh gosh, this is really embarrassing, I mean, not only is the Truth out there, but it was in the back of my closet the whole time.

9. Scully: Mulder your sister called.

8. Scully: Actually, I always thought the smoking man was kinda cute.

7. Mulder: Me too.

6. Scully: Hi Fox, this doesn't bother you or anything does it Fox, I mean cause I know Diana calls you Fox, so I just figured you didn't have a problem with it anymore, Fox? . .

5. Scully: Mulder and Krychek sitting in a tree, K-I-S-. . .

4. Scully: Mulder, I think one of us has some issues . . .

3. Mulder: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!

2. Yo Quiero the Truth

And the number one thing we will never hear on The X-Files . . .

1. Mulder: Gee, I guess the government really did have our best interests in mind the whole time.


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