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TITLE: Shell
AUTHOR: Gabi Fisher
SPOILERS: Nope, none.
DISCLAIMER: No, silly. I don't own them. I'm just borrowing them. I'll consider returning them to CC when I'm done.


When you left,
You left behind an empty hole, a ravaged landscape,
A horrible void in my vanquished soul,
Shattered fragments of a broken heart,
Thrown carelessly to the ground, left and forgotten.
Empty words, careless lies
Decorated our fašade of a relationship.
I gave you everything, expecting little in return,
Receiving less while you continuously,
Heartlessly took, hurt, and demanded more.
You told me you loved me, and I believed you.
Kisses soft as angel wings,
Lured me into your tangled web.
You said all the right things,
I trusted you with my heart.
You kept it, and you crushed me.
You left me little more than a shell of a woman,
Deadened by cruel intentions and thoughtless actions.


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