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TITLE: Only You

AUTHOR: Gabi Fisher


DISCLAIMER: Chris Carter, FOX, and 1013 own Mulder & Scully, not me. I mean no infringement.


This is written from Mulder's POV (though it probably could be from Scully's POV as well...).


    *    *     *


Our lives are filled with

Confusion, disorder, and chaos,

Running all the time.

Never sure which direction

We should be running in.


Fighting people we can not see,

Throwing daggers at hearts that don’t bleed.

Unsure who to believe when we hear

Different things from all directions.

Spinning between partial truths,

Only long enough to see blurred sections of the whole.


Lies, deceit, and trickery

Are they way they run their lives,

Unable to distinguish reality from fantasy,

Slowly sucking us into their web of deception,

Growing more tangled with every twist to get free.


Only you are there for me through it,

Always at my side.

The only comfort and solace I receive is from you.

Only you.

And maybe one day, when we get out of this confused web,

And you will be by my side, still, as always.


*         *        *

*         *        *

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