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TITLE: Midnight Meeting

AUTHOR: Gabi Fisher

SPOILER WARNING: Small reference to the Pilot.


SUMMARY: Three in the morning, Scully, Mulder, a hot tub, and a small bikini add up to an interesting evening.

DISCLAIMER: Chris Carter, FOX, and 1013 own Mulder, Scully, not me. I mean no infringement.

* * *

Billy Joe Bob’s Motel

middle of nowhere <g>

3:03 AM

Scully yawned, though was too wound-up to sleep. Chasing half the population of a small town (all of whom believed they were possessed) at midnight was definitely not an activity she enjoyed doing during the day, and much less at night. Finally, Scully and Mulder were able to figure out that the preacher had been hypnotizing the members of the church to act like they were possessed so that his crimes would not be noticed, or if noticed it would be blamed on the ‘crazy, possessed’ people of the town. Eventually, Mulder had convinced the preacher to return the people back to normal before he was placed in jail.

At 2:30 in the morning Mulder and Scully were able to leave to go back to their hotel room. Mulder had gone straight to bed as far as Scully could tell, though she just couldn’t relax. She decided that maybe some fresh air would calm her down enough to go to sleep, so she headed outside.

For once, the cheap motel that Mulder and Scully always ended up staying at had a hot tub, Scully noticed as she was walking around. ‘Perfect thing to use before going to bed!’ Scully thought. She went back to her room to see if she had put a bathing suit in her overnight bag. She thought she remembered putting one in a few trips ago when they had gone to a beach town.

After digging in her bag, Scully finally pulled out a plastic bag. She had gotten a swimsuit a few years before when she had gone shopping with Missy and her cousin Sarah. They had all tried on bathing suits, Missy and Sarah both deciding on bikinis while Scully had opted for a more modest silver one piece. Missy and Sarah had tried to persuade her, but Scully wouldn’t change her mind. Missy still bought the small, deep purple bikini she thought Scully had looked best in, saying with a laugh, "Just in case you change your mind, you won’t fell left out!"

"I assure you, I won’t change my mind about it," Scully had replied with a laugh, but Missy wouldn’t listen. The three of them never went to the beach as they had planned, so Scully’s suit was still in her bag when she had returned home. Instead of pulling the suit out of the bag before putting it away, Scully just put the bag into her drawer.

Scully pulled the suit, expecting to find her silver one piece, but instead held the small purple bikini. With a small sigh and a slight smile, she thought, ‘Even after she’s gone, she gets her way! Missy must have switched bathing suits when we got back to that hotel without telling me. I wonder whatever happened to my suit. I never saw it when Mom and I went through her things...’

Scully shrugged in response to her thought, and put on the bikini, figuring that no one would come outside and see her in it at three in the morning. She put up her hair so it wouldn’t get wet and grabbed a towel. She wrapped her terrycloth robe over her suit and went out to the hot tub.

Scully momentarily stopped to read the sign posted on the wrought iron gate that led to the spa. It listed the hours of operation and the usual warnings that are posted at all spas. "It says the spa closes at ten o’clock..." Scully said to herself. She thought for a second before opening the gate and walking in. "Oh well, it’s not like I pay too much attention to rules anyway."

She pushed the button that turned on the jets and got into the spa after she set her towel and robe on a lawn chair near the spa. Just as she got settle in, Scully heard footsteps and the gate rattling. ‘Who could that be? I look forward to a short soak in the spa before bed and I can’t even get that!’ she thought, figuring it was the manager or someone telling her that she wasn’t supposed to be in the spa so late.

Scully didn’t move, on the off chance that it was just someone else who wanted to use the spa. How many other people could there be in one hotel who were insane enough to be up at three AM? Scully almost laughed when she saw who it was-Mulder.

"Hey, partner," she greeted him.

"Hey. I thought I’d be the only one crazy enough to come out here so late," Mulder said with a smile, though it was barely visible in the dim light the moon gave off.

"Obviously not," Scully commented with her own smile. "You couldn’t sleep either?"

"Nope. And I wanted to take advantage of the one motel we got that actually has a spa. The ones we get never seem to have anything as decent as this... But hey, maybe we’ll get lucky more often."

"With our luck, Mulder? Who are you kidding?" Scully said, chuckling.

"Just burst my bubble," Mulder whined. Scully playfully whacked him before settling back against the rim.

Neither one of them said anything, they sat in a comfortable silence. When the jets timer went out twenty minutes later, Scully finally broke the silence. "You gonna get out now?"

"No, I was actually just going to sit in her for a while longer. Why?"

"Muldeeeer!" she whined.

"What did I do?" he asked, surprised.

She sighed. "Nothing. Its just that last time I went shopping with my sister," she paused, her voice catching. "Last time we went shopping for bathing suits, she exchanged mine with a tiny little bikini without telling me. Needless to say, unknowingly it is the one suit I have with me, and I was hoping that you were planning on getting out before me."

"Do I have to?" Mulder asked, on the verge of making is sad puppy face. He really wanted to stay in the hot water. It was relaxing.

Scully sighed again. "I guess not. Just close your eyes for a minute so I can get out."

Mulder closed his eyes and Scully quickly got out of the spa and put on her robe.

"You can open your eyes," she said, about to leave.

"Is it really that small, Scully?" Mulder asked, a smile playing on his lips.

"Don’t you want to know," she said with a smile before going out through the gate. When she got to the corner of the building, under the light, she stopped. "Hey, Mulder," she called.

He looked back toward her. "What?"

With another ScullySmile, she opened her robe and showed Mulder the bikini. "Yeah, it really is that small," she said before tying the sash and walking back to her room.

Mulder’s mouth hung open long after she had gone. He hadn’t seen that much skin even on their first case together. She was right. That thing really was small.

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