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TITLE: Memories

AUTHOR: Gabi Fisher


DISCLAIMER: Chris Carter, FOX, and 1013 own Mulder, Scully, not me. I mean no infringement.


        *         *        *


We’ve come this far,

Risking our lives for each other

As if it were nothing.

You have always been there for me,

And I’ll always be there for you.


All I have to do is close my eyes

To remember one of a hundred

Good memories of us together.

There are a few bad memories,

But it is better to just ignore them.


It is impossible to erase them,

For time is greedy and unforgiving.

We can only remember the good

Because time will never take us back to those times,

Time only takes more into its black abyss.


Like ghosts of the past,

Distant thoughts of you and me

Float freely through my head.

Always welcome,

Warming my heart.


I hope you know that

No matter how long the journey,

I will be there, at the end, with you.

Maybe by the time we reach the end

Of this endless road we’ve been travelling,

We will have finally voiced the one true,

Undeniable thing in our lives.

The one thing we live with everyday,

Afraid to say it aloud or even think it,

No matter how true it is.

*         *        *

*         *        *

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