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FanFic  Pages

Anne Hayes/Paula Graves

* The first fic that I read, which is still my favorite. The ‘12’ series is wonderful. Go read it, I promise you won’t regret it.

Avatar's Fan Fiction

–* Excellent angst as well as others…

Brooke’s FanFic or

* Wonderful angsty vignettes.

Episode Stories

* More post ep stories

Fanfiction is Out There!

* A great archive including most of the "classic" authors.

* I haven’t had a chance to check this out, but take a look anyway.

Further X-Plorations

* Post ep archive

Gossamer's Main Page

–* Probably the biggest archive… It’s got just about  everything.

Heather's Humor Hut

* Hilarious fic, really nice author, perfect to read on a boring, rainy day.

The Hub: The best in X-Files Fan Fiction on the Net

* Another really complete archive.

Ms. AM's Humble XF Fanfiction Plus Page

–* Mostly smut, with the exception Walking in Limbo, which is excellent. I love that story.


* More excellent angst.

Samantha's X-Files Centre

* Really good MSR (I don’t usually like MSR, but this is enough to change my mind ;) )

Tara Avery’s FanFic

* –I love Tara’s vignette’s. Some of the best angst I’ve read.


* Mostly novel-length,  MSR’s, lots of angst though.

The Underground

–* Everything from angst, to humor, to MSR/UST, and all of it great.

Wen’s Stuff

* Absolutely wonderful—You *have* to check it out (if not for the fic, for the pics). Extra-angsty stories, which are, of course, the best kind.

The X-Files According to Em

* Last time I was here, there was some *great* angst, and now there seems to be a bunch of games and stuff too... Check it out!


* More great angst. She is truly an author to be admired.

X-Ploring A Creek

* Part excellent fic, part archive.

X-Speak Specific

* Definitions of ratings, categories, etc. Very helpful for beginners.


Stories (If not linked, should be at Gossamer.)

Anamorphosis by Megan Reilly

Ceremonies of Innocence by Pellinor

I Have my Memories by Arwen

Journal I by Ann Fountain

Just One Message by Rebecca Rusnak

Just Words on a Machine by A. Dean

Lady, Give Me Peace by

Moot Point #2: By Any Other Name


Navel Gazing by Vehemently

Subcutane by Maria Nicole

Slightly Mundane, The Movie: Fight the Farce by Amanda Finch

The View From Vic's by Rye


Misc. X-Files Pages

Angst Addicts’ Page

* Being that I'm an angst addict, I strongly urge you to go check the site out. :) Maybe it'll even convince you to join. Either that, or scare you away for life...

Fox and Dana's Home Page

* Cute ‘wedding’ write-up and more.


* This needs no description... Just check it out.

Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide  

* The best episode guides & transcripts I've found.

Welcome to the first School of Higher Education for The X-Files

The X-File's Haven For The FBI's Most Unwanted

* Spoilers, fanfic, isms, fames, images, multimedia, articles

The X-Files: For the Detail-Obsessed X-Phile

* Absolutely hilarious (Especially the Clones). Just go there.