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TITLE: For My Best Friend

AUTHOR: April Willis

WHERE FROM: January 1999, Teen magazine

*         *        *


Sometimes when I'm too depressed

or drowning in self-doubt,

I know that I can call your name

and you will pull me out.


You taught me

that I'm worth much more

than what I'd always thought.

You gave me strength

and confidence

that so long I had sought.


You showed me that I'm beautiful

both outside and in.

You proved that I'm not second best

time and time again.


One day I will return to you

all you've given me.

I don't know in what time or form,

but I promise soon you'll see.


For richer, for poorer,

in sickness, in health,

through all of the thick and thin,

I trust I can always count on you

and am proud to call you friend.

*         *        *

 *        *        *

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