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TITLE: Always There

AUTHOR: Gabi Fisher


DISCLAIMER: Chris Carter, FOX, and 1013 own Mulder & Scully, not me. I mean no infringement.

    *    *     *

Through all the lies,

All the problems,

Every deception,

You were always there,

Right by my side.


Whenever there was trouble,

The Syndicate covering up the Truth,

Digging for clues in a cornfield,

Fighting demons in the night,

I was never scared

Because I had you there with me.


On long, late-night stakeouts,

In tiny diners in the middle of no where,

Cheap motels littering the country,

Spur of the moment car trips,

Rarely was I lonely since

I had you for company.


Partners, friends,

And so much more,

Able to read each other’s minds,

Though keeping in what should be said the loudest,

Assuming you would always be

Just a call away,

A trip to the basement,

On the other side of the door.


Always there,

Silent, but still in our thoughts,

Swirling constantly through out minds,

Though never spoken.

However, sometimes quiet words

Are spoken the loudest.


                                                                  *         *        *

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