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diamond.gif (661 bytes) A Day Late, A Dollar Short

        Scully has a revealing conversation with Mulder, but it is just a little to late.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Diner

        A waitress's thoughts on Mulder and Scully...

diamond.gif (661 bytes)Door to My Heart

        Scully reflects over some points in her life after a devastating incident.

diamond.gif (661 bytes)The End of the Beginning

  Mulder and Scully finally talk about the events pertaining to their endeavors with tanker trucks, bees, cornfields, and the Antarctic.

diamond.gif (661 bytes)Eternity

        Mulder painfully remembers Scully's death.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Faith

        Mulder and Scully's faith in life, their work, and each other is tested.

diamond.gif (661 bytes)Good Bye

       Scully had finally had enough and decided to do something about it.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Karoke

        After Mulder and Scully close a case sooner than expected, they go out to dinner and Mulder learns some things about Scully...

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Life, Death, and Swings

        Mulder and Scully contemplate life while on playground swings.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Midnight Meeting

        Three in the morning, Scully, Mulder, a hot tub, and one small bikini make for a rather intersting experience.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) The Necklace

        I'm not really sure how to summarize this one...

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Now Until Forever

        Scully has some news for Mulder, which will drastically change their lives.

diamond.gif (661 bytes)One Last Plane Ride

       Who knows. When someone comes up with a good summary, let me know. All I can say is that this is not a happy story.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Only Time Can Heal the Heart

        A mysterious woman shows up, only it is too late for Mulder to appreciate her.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Rain

        Mulder and Scully bond after a walk in the rain.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Star Gazing

        On a hotel balcony under the stars, Mulder shares a bit of his past with Scully.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) Unbelievable

        Mulder and Scully have to deal with the end of Scully's cancer remission.

diamond.gif (661 bytes) When Leaving's Best

        Scully finally gets fed up with Mulder and the outcome is disastrous.

diamond.gif (661 bytes)Who Am I?

        Scully realizes that she is no longer sure who she is, or who she even wants to be.



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