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TITLE: Post-Christmas Carol/Emily Vignette
AUTHOR: Gabi Fisher
SPOILER WARNING: Christmas Carol, Emily
Starting near the end of Emily, we see the dialogue that was left out of the episode.
DISCLAIMER: I can only wish that I owned these wonderful characters. Unfortunately I don't, and even worse, I make absolutely no money off of doing this. CC, FOX, and 1013 get it all... money, characters, a TV show...
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to Brianna and Annmaree for all their help. :)


*        *         *


Scully kissed her sister-in-law after her nephew and then watched as everyone else who had been in the room filed out. They said nothing, knowing there was nothing to say to make her feel better. Silence offered more support.

Then, finally, Scully stood alone, looking sadly at the casket of the daughter she had known for a few short weeks. She couldn't believe that Emily was gone. She wanted to mourn for her daughter, but at the same time, rip out the throats of the men who were responsible for it all. The result of the conflicting emotions running through Scully was numbness. A numbness so intense that Scully was almost certain that she had died as well.

Mulder had entered the chapel so quietly that Scully did not see him until he had was right behind her. She turned to look whose footsteps she heard, and he put his hand on her arm before passing her with a bouquet of yellow flowers. He gently placed them on Emily's casket before turning back to Scully.

Still staring ahead at the casket, Scully asked sadly, "Who are the men who would create a life whose only hope is to die?"

Mulder wasn't sure if she actually wanted an answer, but took a chance. He looked at her, and said, "I don't know, but that you found her, and that you had a chance to love her, maybe she was meant for that too."

"She found *me*," Scully responded quietly.

"So you could save her."

"Save her? From what? Dying? I couldn't even do that, Mulder. I couldn't save my own baby!" Scully finally looked at Mulder, unshed tears glistening in her eyes.

"But you did. You saved her from dying without knowing her mother's love. You were the only one who could give her that. In the short time you knew her, I'm positive that she knew how much you loved her," Mulder replied.

Scully seemed adamant on somehow blaming herself for Emily's death. She continued, "Was she really any better off? Before I got involved, she had two parents who loved her, not just a woman who she had never met..." She returned her gaze to the front of the chapel, fighting tears.

Mulder was not sure what to say. He doubted it really mattered what he said, Scully barely seemed to be comprehending what he was telling her. "I'm sure she understood, Scully. She must have. She was your daughter."

Scully said nothing in response, and Mulder stayed quiet as well. Eventually, Scully asked him how detective Kresge was.

"He-He's doing better. He's out of the ICU."

"And the men who did this to him?" Scully asked, anger tainting her words.
Mulder took a breath before replying. As hard as it was, he answered while looking at her. He could see in her face that she knew what the answer would be, and he did not want to confirm her suspicions, but knew he had to. "They already cleaned out the nursing home. All the women have been placed in new homes. There's no evidence that there's anyone else at Transgen Corporation who knew about Calderon's work."

Scully took a moment before responding. "There *is* evidence of what they did."

She walked up to the casket. For several seconds she just stared at it, unsure. Mulder turned away, for he knew he could not bear to see the expression on her face when she found out what was actually in the small, white casket. He was not exactly sure, himself, though he assumed it was not Emily. After some deliberation, Scully took the bouquet and lifted the lid. Shock and confusion crossed her face. She shook her head slightly. Her daughter was supposed to be in the casket, not burlap bags of sand. Mulder was right; the men who were in charge of whatever operation Emily had been a part of had made sure there was absolutely no evidence to incriminate them.

The dim light reflected off something in the sand, catching Scully's eye. She reached down to see what it was. To her surprise, she pulled out her crucifix necklace. She had given to Emily the day she left with the social worker. Scully held it up and stared at it, unsure of where it had come from and why it was still there, even though her daughter was not. With shaking hands, she lowered the lid and clasped the necklace in a fist and held it to her chest. It begins where it ends...

Mulder had faced the casket in time to see Scully pull the necklace from it. He didn't need to ask to be sure of the contents of the casket. It was written across Scully's face. She pressed her lips together and looked heavenward, still trying to prevent her tears from falling. Mulder closed the distance between them in a few small steps and embraced Scully. Scully just stood, unmoving for a moment, before wrapping her own arms around Mulder's waist.

Scully buried her face in Mulder's chest and finally let her tears fall, knowing that she was protected from harm, if for only a few minutes.

*        *         *

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